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Almost all of our projects start as vague, unrefined ideas our clients have. Maybe it's their daydreaming of some feature to add to their website. Maybe it's a problem they have with no clue of a solution. So we consult, we communicate, we help them determine what the overriding purpose and function of what they want to do. We don't use complex terms or use pretentious technical jargon or tell them to just 'Trust us we know what's best'. We listen and speak to them in simple terms to make sure we understand the specific ideas they have and that they understand our ideas for a solution. Then, together, we decide on the best way to bring those ideas to fruition.

Web-based calculators, contact management systems, database integration, admin area development, website design consulting, html/css implementation, and all around unique feature integration; Rainbows Puppies & Sunshine does it. While the projects themselves are varied, the aim is always the same--to create a better experience for users and less work for you. Below are some samples of how we have done just that.

Developed an inventory tracking system and database-driven information pages for Artomat.org. We created a back-end database and interface so they could easily search, update, enter and delete information about their artwork.

A side effect of this was the capacity to use that database as a way to feed their website with data about each piece of art. We created a template and used the database to generate pages for each piece of art they had, as well as a menu page to display all the pieces. That way, to create a new page, they simply added a record to their database and a page automatically became available for it on their site.

BridalTrack is our wholly owned, operated, developed and designed site. It's a subscription site that manages a wedding's guest list. It allows users to add, edit, search and extract information about their guests.

Rainbows Puppies & Sunshine built this from the ground up. We created the database structure, designed the simple to use interface, wrote the underlying html, created necessary javascript features, wrote comprehensive instruction manuals, integrated an admin area for our back-end use and completed every large and small detail involved with it.

We consulted with kcDRM to design the look and function of a website template for them.

We then took that image template and converted it to html/css. From there, we developed a simple php framework that used those html/css files to provide an easy to manage template system for the entire website. This gave them a simple way to use, extend and update their website by themselves.

We took a design lungcancer.au.com had for their site and converted it to an easy to use html/css template system. With this system they were able to quickly and easily integrate their content.
Pirate Adventures wanted to provide their users with the ability customize print-ready invitations from their site. After consulting and brainstorming with them we helped them agree on a solution.

We create a form that collected users' data and fed into an online .pdf. The result was a .pdf file delivered to the browser that was fully customized and ready to print.

For Reverse Mortgage Information we created a rate tracking system. This involved both an admin area and a front-end that allowed visitors to search their database.

The backend allowed them to update mortgage rates for various products. The front end provided users with the ability to search those rates by date as well as export the results of their searches to spreadsheets.

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