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Web Based Utilities, Gadgets, Gizmos and Whatnot

Below are some of the web based utitlities created by Rainbows Puppies & Sunshine. These aren't just examples and screenshots of work we have done, but functioning models. They will do what they claim they will do.

Further, all of these utilities can be customized for use with a specific site or dataset. If you see something you like and want to customize it for your site and needs, Contact Us and we will get to work on it for you.


Mailing Label Generator Print address labels straight from your browser. Enter up to 30 records and create a sheet of labels.
Graph Maker Create accurate, graphical representation of your data. Simply enter information and corresponding labels and everything else will be calculated and plotted out for you.
PDF Calendar Creator Customize a monthly calendar, weekly planner or daily itinerary. Once set up, your browser will display your document as a .pdf that you can print or save.
Geocoding & Mapping Plot addresses on a map and also get the latitude and longitude of each.
Our Company Gizmos Tools Admin
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