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Website Creation Tools

This area of our site holds the tools that make creating websites easier. There are reference materials, commonly used code and even code generators to cut the development and relearning time needed when making a site. It was developed by us to help us, but its here and open for use by anyone.


HTML Form Creator This creates an example and displays the html needed for an input form based on the attributes you designate.
Select Tag Generator When using a database as the basis for the options of an html select tag, use this to ensure every element of it is configured properly.
ASCII Chart Quickly look up decimal, hexidecimal, octagonal and character values.
HTML Color Codes List and examples of the 216 colors that comprise the "web-safe" color pallete of old.
File Skeletons This section creates and displays php templates based on the criteria you need. You can then use these as the basis of every page of a php based website.
Test MySQL Connection This section tests the connection variables used to connect to a MySQL database. It can also be used to view the tables' structures of the database
HTTP Codes A listing of status codes returned by web servers.
Framework A 4 file PHP framework used to quickly develop websites, specifically ones with data input forms.
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