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Framework Files

To get the framework files:     Use this link to download the generic framework files as a zip directory, then open each and set its configuration data. You can also work through the below 3 forms customizing and setting the configuration data for each file to your particular use. Once done, click the download button beneath the corresponding code you want and you will be prompted to save the customized file.

To install the framework:     After configuring each file for your specific use, put all 4 of these files in the same directory on your web server and browse to the template.php file to verify it is working. You can then use the template.php file as the basis for creating new pages with the framework.


This is the Cascading Style Sheet of the framework. It contains the elements for a page's skeleton structure (header menu, left column, main structure and footer menu) and contains elements to assist in quickly generating input forms and tables. Examples of all its elements can be found at the bottom of the Reference Page.

Color Element Color Code

Use the above form to set the color scheme for your framework files. This entire page will update with the changes you make, allowing you to see exactly how your framework will appear. Play around with it until it appears as you want, then you can copy the text or click the button below to obtain your layout.css file.

layout.css Code



This file contains the data processing functions of the framework. It establishes database connections, validates input data and holds other non-layout related functions. See the Reference Page for complete listing and description of the specific functions in this file.

Database Server:
Database User:
Database Password:
Database Name:
Admin Name:
Admin Password:
Admin Email:

Enter the connection information for your MySQL database above. Once done, you can copy the text below or click the 'Download sys.php' button for a sys.php file that is configured to work with your database.

sys.php Code

layout.php & template.php

The layout.php file contains the layout functions which produce the HTML for pages created with the framework. It has two parts, the Base Section which contain the bare minimum functions that produce the HTML for a bare bones page of the framework (header, left menu, main area, bottom menu) and the Extended Section which is comprised of functions used to quickly create form inputs, tables of data and other commonly used blocks of HTML. The template.php file is essentially an example file that can be used to build pages of the framework. It has all the necessary files laid out in the proper order to produce the basic structure of a framework page.

Root Path To Framework:
Site Name:
Root Path To Session Directory:

Use the above form to enter in information about what your framework installation is for and where it will reside. This information will then be put into the layout.php and template.php files and allow the pages of your framework to properly reference one another. After completing the form, you can copy the text below or click the corresponding buttons to download your customized framework files.

layout.php Code

template.php Code

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