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The Rainbows Puppies & Sunshine Framework is a powerful...blah blah blah...yet relatively simple to...blah blah blah... with a smalll...blah blah blah... whose minimal learning...blah blah blah...which facilitates rapid...blah blah blah...of full-featured...blah blah blah customization...blah blah blah and a highly configurable...blah blah blah...blah blah blah...blah blah blah...synergy, enterprise-level, utilize, Zamboni, agile, scalability, architecture, deployment, chlymidia, onomatopoeia, paradigm, interface, Toronto.

Sold yet? I know I am.

Rhetoric aside, here's the short, jargonless story: this PHP framework consists of 4 files whose main purpose is to let you easily create the basic HTML/CSS needed for a two-column web page layout with top and bottom navigation menus. It's secondary purpose is to help in the generation and processing of HTML forms. This framework consists of 4 files which are described and detailed on the Reference Page and can be configured and downloaded on the Files Page.

Framework Files

template.php~Example Page
layout.css~CSS File
layout.php~HTML Generation Functions
sys.php ~Data Processing Functions

And here's the long story told as a boring anecdote: The page you are currently viewing, as well as this entire section of the Rainbows Puppies & Sunshine site was created using the framework and very slightly modifying the layout.php file to customize the left column. You can see exactly what I did to the left column by clicking on the layout.php link that appears there. In fact, you can view the source of every single file of this section by clicking the link in the left column that corresponds to the file you want to view.

Additionally, the source of the HTML pages the framework creates are easy to view and navigate. View the source of this page to see how each section of this HTML document is commented and how when a certain php function that produce HTML is called it lets you know where that function started and ended its HTML. This makes debugging any issues with the resulting HTML and the part of the framework that produced them easy to find and correct.

Feel free to download and use the framework from the Files Page and/or even download and use the specific files created for this section by obtaining them using the links in the left column. You can modify the files how you want. No need to keep references to Rainbows Puppies & Sunshine in them or say I'm the best person ever or even have the files say who initially created them.

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